FAIR DIG #2: 5 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 30 pgs.

Strong personal zines are largely about self-definition, the casting off of other people’s expectations—society’s even—and doing some deep self-examination. But what happens when you fail at your self-imposed goals that you’ve written about, that your peers are stoked that you were doing? You dig a little deeper. Coming off an injury, Brodie joins a CrossFit gym, embraces zine culture, makes meaningful connections with fellow artists, establishes associations to fitness and DIY culture and… still hasn’t figured it all out or found a happiness beyond brief flashes of real joy. He’s still in a “nope, something’s not right” place although he’s made all of this positive change. Life’s like that sometimes. You get picked on, you want to punch back. You pick at a scar, it won’t stop bleeding, and you’re running out of gauze. An honest zine. –Todd Taylor (fairdig.com, [email protected]