FAIR DIG #1: 5 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 26 pgs.

May 08, 2013

It’s hard not to root for Brodie, the earnest, analytical, and thorough memoir-protagonist of Fair Dig. He’s a humble, decidedly non-bro dude who gives Brazilian Ju-Jitsu a go after deciding that he wants the physical tools to defend himself when words don’t work. (Brodie, armed with solely a smoothie and his wits, circumvented a road rage incident between a man and a woman, yet he was understandably shaken.) Like many idealists, the plan gets a little more complicated when health insurance comes into play. The two lines that summarize the entire zine: “But it’s hard not to be bitter considering the kid sat on me so hard that I ripped my right shoulder trying to get out from under him.” And “I don’t think there’s a big cross-section of folks who excel at both martial arts and prompt and thorough customer service.” Nice, clean, simple layout. My sole wish would have been for diagrams of all the martial arts moves and holds because my “martial arts training” begins and ends with watching professional wrestling on TV, and my brother and me pounding on one another. Recommended. –Todd Taylor ([email protected])