Nov 08, 2006

Let me be straight with all of you. When I saw a CD from a three-piece from Buffalo, I was praying to God there was no Supertramp cover on it. Luckily my prayers were answered. This trio’s debut was a wide smile surprise. Tight arrangements, nice harmonies and lyrics that may make you pause for a few moments of reflection. Remember when songs from Bob Mould, Evan Dando (at least before he started hittin’ the pipe), or even Buffalo Tom made you stop and think? This is what You Know Who brings to mind. “I Feel the Same Songs about Her” sings about those dark nights we’ve probably all had—“that’s all right/I can see your breath/’cuz we don’t spring for heat.” “You’re the Coyote” chugs along with a chorus of “persistence is futile/I’ve learned that from you/the sheep run for shelter when you make the room,” before kicking into a revved-up guitar solo. Out of nowhere, a stellar debut that doesn’t sound like Interpol. Hooray!

 –koepenick (Art of the Underground)

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