FAGHAGS, THE: Self-titled: CDEP

Jan 31, 2008

I’m sure these fine So. Cal. folks were doing dog wheelies inside that big Mickey Mouse head-shaped flowerbed at Di$neyland before giving the finger to their Anaheim home and shoving off to Long Beach, God bless ‘em. Creepy, sleazy, stumbling rockin’ and rollin’ spinning ‘round on this EP, the same way that first Humpers LP, My Machine made you feel, but with more of a Darby Crash kick in the pants. From what I’m gathering, the Faghags seem to be a side-gig for members of Lisafer, Throttle, Whiskey Dick, and the Lipstick Pickups. That said, if you’re moving your ass to go see these bands, you need to get that ass moving some more and go buy the ‘Hags a round at their next show. Better yet, make it a double.

 –dale (Booking/Info: (714) 222-9240)