FAG ENABLERZ: God Hates Fag Enablerz: Cassette

Sep 02, 2010

No doubt the name caught my attention. Plus it set my expectations pretty high. I figure if you’re going to have a name like that, you better have the music to back it up. Something tough, something offensive, something good. Instead, the music on here is run of the mill punk rock without much of an edge or bite. “The Watcher” is their best track. It’s a mid tempo crawler with darkness. The type of song you listen to while driving around L.A. at night. “I Love You” is the other song on here (there’s six total), which is a bit of a quick tempo song that has a bouncy rhythm. It bogs down at one point when they slow the tempo down and speak then yell the lyrics over a drum and bass break. If they shaved some time off this song and focused it, then it would have been a better tune. A lot of filler on this one.

 –M.Avrg ([email protected])