Jul 06, 2007

Second release from this post-punk quintet from DC. The Factory Incident rolls the dice and comes up snake eyes on this stellar six-song mini-album. Intricate arrangements, dueling guitars and thoughtful lyrics help this one stand out in a crowd. “Argument” features slippery bass lines reminiscent of PiL’s early output as the singer rails against the fray—“We have some conflict.” Superb. “In the Vile” is also a killer track with some wild drum fills that truly compliment the song’s flow. “4AM” offers up some cool guitar riffs that are sure to keep you up very late at night staring out at the stars. If you liked any aspects of The Sound, Echo & The Bunnymen, or Mission Of Burma, you will dig this band’s groove brought up to date for the masses. Mixed by J Robbins, so you know that you need this CD like you need to breathe.

 –koepenick (Post Fact)