FACE THE RAIL: Self-titled: Cassette

Jul 18, 2011

I’ve had this sitting here for the last two review cycles. I’m really sorry, guys! I had a hard time finding a tape player that worked in my house, then I would forget for a while... I’m really kinda mystified about this whole tape resurgence these days. I grew up in the cassette heyday, and I switched to CDs for quite sometime before skipping back to vinyl again. It’s kind of cool I guess... Anyways, back to the review. These guys tricked me. The cover has some crazy ‘60s “trippin’ at the Filmore” kind of typeface and a lot of ‘80s bright, glowing colors. The first song opened with a kind of late ‘80s/early ‘90s indie rock/jangly punk kind of thing happening. I was kind of liking it and before I knew what happen, it fell apart and exploded into some fierce hardcore punk rock. Fine skate rock that I’d play with my Gang Green, JFA, and Sheglank’d Shoulders on a skate session mix. Nice work, you rippers!

 –ty (Tankcrimes)