Jan 19, 2010

Man! Todd Taylor knows my preferences and what I might enjoy. After a long layoff on the review front, he picks a winner for the first thing he sends me. This is the pre‑release for this band's release on the Fat Wreck subsidiary Pink and Black. This is the label's second signing, joining the Dance Hall Crashers on the roster. What a great choice! If you like or love DHC, you will love this band. This has been a regular play in my CD changer in the car now for weeks. I can't get over the great harmonies over great melodies. At the same time, the band packs a punch. I have no idea what the songs are titled or what the band members look like, all I know is that track five is my favorite. The intro reminded me of The Cure and bolts forward with a mid tempo punk riff and goes into an almost dream-like chorus of beautiful harmony. The moods on that song jerk back and forth from regret to pure anger. An absolute gem! I can't wait 'til the actual release comes out to see the lyric sheet and see if all my curiosities can be answered. It reminded me of the Teen Idols (not the DC band, Teen Idles) mixed with the great elements of all the female-led punk bands from the past.

–don (Pink & Black)