Jul 16, 2009

Holy friggin’ cow! I've been waiting a long time for this. To show you how long, I have had a copy of their last CD in my changer in my car since I reviewed it for Issue 1. And I have to tell you, many a CD has gone through that changer in that time. I just can’t get myself to replace it with something else. The song "Red Blister" from that release is one of my all-time favorite songs, and I still haven’t grown tired of it. I saw them live once when they were touring with Propagandhi, Avail, and J Church. The place was empty when they had to open the show. For the few who were present at the time, we were rocked out of our shoes when they performed. I've been hooked since. To give you a little history of their discography, their first release was Pretty Killers, followed by Put Out or Get Out which is the release that won’t leave my car. Panty Raid! shows that they continue to progress as musicians and writers. The production on this one is more polished than their previous. The songs are tighter and faster. The vocals beautifully mesh together to create wonderful harmonies that make it appealing to people who like the music of groups like the Go Go’s or the Graces. The difference is that these Bay Area women rock harder and have the tough appearance to stand up to any attack. They should be on tour with the Briefs by the time you read this. You have to see them live to appreciate how good they are and what you are missing. Now let’s see how long this one stays in the car!

 –don (Pink and Black)