F-MINUS: Suburban Blight: CD

Sep 09, 2009

Holy shit! Just the CD I have been waiting for. 20 fast, loud, angry, balls-out hardcore punk tracks in only 24 minutes. None of which surpass the two minute mark. F-Minus is the best thing to come in the mail in a while. The last CD that did this to me was Asshole Parade’s Student Ghetto Violence. Their sound kinda reminded me of them too with some female vocals thrown in. Two guys (drum and guitar) and two girls (bass and guitar) all share vocals from song to song. All four of them churn out great, pissed off, gut-wrenching vocals equally as well. No pussies in the bunch (no pun intended). These songs, are as the title implies, about suburbia and the disdain these great musicians, singers and songwriters feel about the living among these minions of sheep and their silly façade. All around a tight, fast-as-fuck fury. This is the best antidote for their glass house world, shattering it to bits. The CD has already racked up a shitload of frequent flyer miles on my CD player. It wakes me up in the morning as I get up to head outside the city for work to face these robots on a daily basis giving me relief that I am not alone in the anger I feel. Thanks to bands like this, I am not going postal. Instead, I am the maniac at 5:30am driving too fast down the highway, windows down, radio blasting, pounding the steering wheel and dashboard while shaking my head back and forth on my way to be the consummate professional that I am. (Hey, at least I’m not doing my make up, reading the paper, talking on a cell phone, drinking and eating or the many other things the others around me are all doing aside from actually paying attention to the road.) Do yourself a favor. Get this CD, put it in, roll the windows down, turn it up to 11 and drive real fast. Preferably in a cookie cutter subdivision full of soccer moms and kids playing in the streets. Faster, faster, faster!

 –toby (Hellcat)

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