F-MINUS/ CRACK ROCK STEADY SEVEN: Baby Jesus, Sliced Up in the Manger: split CD

May 27, 2009

If you haven heard of F-Minus yet and like your punk hard and fucking fast, check them out. Crusty hardcore punk with gut-wrenching male and female vocals. They have five songs here lasting about five and a half minutes. Kind of a teaser, but well worth it. The Crack Rock Steady Seven sound is equally hard at times, but not as focused as F-Minus. The music is inconsistent, which can make it a hard listen. One minute it’s hard as fuck, the next it’s poppy ska. There are also too many samples of extraneous crap between their songs. It gives me the same feeling I remember when I heard Leftover Crack’s Mediocre Generation album. They’re a good band with some potential, but some tastes don’t taste great together.

 –toby (Hellbent)

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