EZINA MOORE: Power of a Woman: CD

Feb 21, 2008

Even if you ignore the trite “rockin’ sista from the ‘hood” description on the press sheet and the fact that Ms. Moore’s vocals are flat on a large percentage of the songs here, this has a lot going against it. The production has a flat, demo quality to it, the majority of the songs are unmemorable and there’s a sense of unwitting hypocrisy in singing songs ostensibly about female empowerment when you’re pictured on the cover naked save for some lace panties and a fur. The work here is strongest when she gives up any pretense of “rockin’” and settles into acoustic mode, where on songs like “Back in the Day” and “Same Ol’ Music” she opts for a delivery reminiscent of Tracy Chapman and Erykah Badu. With a much-needed arranger, better production and an image consultant, she just might have a shot.

 –jimmy (Soulful Warrior)

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