Sep 07, 2010

Yes, you read that correctly, we’re talking about THAT Eyes, the ‘70s L.A. punk band spearheaded by Joe Ramirez and at various times featured DJ Bonebrake (X), Charlotte Caffey (Go-Go’s), David Brown (Screamers, Dangerhouse Records co-founder), Joe Nanini (Wall Of Voodoo, The Bags, Black Randy & the Metrosquad), and Jimmy Leach amongst its ranks. Outside of tracks on a few comps and a single on Dangerhouse, I don’t think they much released anything else. That said, I dunno what pact with the devil Greg Artifix has made, but here he’s not only re-released the original 1979 Dangerhouse masterpiece single (“TAQN” and “Topological Lines”) and comp tracks (“Eniwetok” and “Disneyland”), but he’s also managed to wrangle two heretofore unreleased tunes, “Research Bee” and “Go Go Bee,” from the same session out of the Dangerhouse vaults, giving us a total of six tracks of tasty, poppy punk from one of the finest of L.A.’s first-wave bands on glorious vinyl. Just to stress how fuggin’ awesome this release is, I predict that all copies bought will be worn to the nubs within a week’s time and those purchasers will forever be cursed to find themselves singing “Disneyland makes me communist/Makes me plant the bombs in the trash can lids....Blow up Disneyland/Blow up AnaHEIIIIMMMM!!!” every single time they visit that magical kingdom of talking mice and wallet raping food prices. Put more succinctly, this is worth every penny you shell out for it, and then some.

 –jimmy (Artifix)