EYELINERS, THE: Sealed with a Kiss: CD

Aug 24, 2009

Even though the whole pop-punk, Ramones/Screeching Weasel thing has been done to death, the Eyeliners still manage to make it sound fresh. Part of that has to do with the vocals. Laura can sing so fast and so clearly that I can’t decide if I want to sing along or just listen. The songs are full of hooks that dig into my brain and reel me in. And the music is just plain fun. But there’s something more. I liked the last Eyeliners album a lot, but something seemed to be missing. The songs seemed too simple. Too poppy. Then, I saw the Eyeliners as Al’s Bar a while ago, and the same songs were no longer too simple or too poppy. They rocked. That’s when I noticed that, on the last Eyeliners album, for some reason, the vocal’s were cranked way up in the mix and the guitar was hidden. Which is a shame, because Gel is a rocking guitarist. She's all over the place when she plays live. Beyond that, though, she adds a powerful element to the song that was  ignored in the last album. Well, that’s not the case with Sealed with a Kiss. The energy and power of the Eyeliners live set is cranked up, and the band is better represented. The songs are still poppy and catchy, full of hooks and fun as hell. They just rock more on this album.

 –sean (Panic Button)

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