May 26, 2008

Not the tough guy hardcore band from Boston, but a band from Poland. This female-led band bridges a fine line between punk, hardcore, and metal while still maintaining melody. The production on this recording is in league with many releases I have heard from major label bands. With that, the band really shines and the power comes through. The vocals that are sung in Polish are yelled forcefully and are controlled in delivery but also have an almost sung quality to them. The guitars are bright and chunky, giving them a powerful metal sound that many people fail to achieve. Drums pound through the speakers, wailing bass into your ears and the crash of the cymbals slap you in the face. Bass guitar ties it all in with it a well-rounded tone. In the past, I only dabbled here and there with bands from that region. But lately, every release I have received has been excellent. It definitely has become one of my new favorite countries to get music from. If I was writing this review one day earlier, I definitely would have put this on my Top 5 for this issue. Now the quest is on for the first LP that I just heard about. 

 –don (Pasazer)