Mar 17, 2009

A nerdy thing I do when I go to Razorcake HQ is to first ask if Jimmy Alvarado has come in yet to pick up review material. If he has, the review material has been picked through. If he hasn’t, I dive into the bin of unsorted and unassigned records and CDs. First thing I see of interest while going through piles of CDs is this release. Yes! I reviewed the Gra LP last year by this band from Poland and it was one of my favorites. Same as their previous release, the songs jump out immediately and pummel you with a wave of sonic energy: fast hardcore with hints of guitar melody that highlights the power chords. Female vocals are yell/sung and that puts the vocals in the forefront with her unique and distinctive delivery. The recording production is superb and crisp. This and their previous release sound like they were recorded at a top notch studio. You can hear the vocals and guitars mixed in perfectly with the thundering drums and well executed, punchy bass. I like this band so much now that I’m sending an email to the label to order the early material.

 –don (Pasazer)