EXXTRAS, THE: Waiting for You: Cassette

There was something about this band that just sniped at the brain, and after seeing that they were from San Pedro, it finally came together: The Exxtras features Jack Brewer, who did time as the vocalist for Saccharine Trust. Dude’s voice is unmistakable. Unfortunately, and it really bums me out to say it, Waiting for You is a pretty cringe-worthy merging of ‘60s psychedelia, funk, straight-up pop music, and an occasional punk leaning. There’s certain bravery inherent in trying to amalgamate such a varied cross-section of interests, but sheesh, the results are pretty bad. I never need to hear a pseudo-funk song about fracking again, and try as I may, the best I can come up with is a Spin Doctors meets Psychic… Powerless…-era Butthole Surfers comparison here.

 –keith (Water Under The Bridge)