EXTREME CONFORMITY #3: $3 ppd., 4 ¼ X 11, copied, 60 pgs.

This is a fiction zine from Larry Nocella of QECE. It’s a hilarious story about an art exhibit gone awry, and in a tongue and cheek manner, Nocella attacks mob mentality, censorship, the media, protests, and pretentious art fucks. I laughed all the way through reading this. Nocella also did something really cool by posting this issue of this zine on the web and letting you download it for free. Send me three dollars and I’ll give you the web address. Or skip the middleman and check out Larry’s stuff at: www.geocities.com/qece/. -Sean Carswell (QECE, 406 Main St. #3c, Collegeville, PA 19426)