Nov 16, 2008

I challenge you to go to the MySpace page for Extreme Animals (www.myspace.com/extremeanimals) and not have a seizure. That page pretty much summarizes what their album is like. It’s a clusterfuck of Lite-Brites, Casio keyboards, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a Colecovision, troll dolls, mannequins, UFO conspirators, dance beats, that episode of TheSimpsons where they go to Australia, and a child who has vomited Skittles, all turned into music. Vaguely reminiscent of Soul-Junk’s later material but with more of a dance beat, Extreme Animals is comprised of a Professor of Art at Carnegie Mellon and Ph.D. candidate in music at UC-San Diego (I’m not kidding). This is insane shit and, moreover, it’s fairly infectious. I want to host a dance party just to see how people react to me playing this. I know I’d be dancing like a crazy white guy.

 –kurt (Vicious Pop)