EXTRAVAGANZA, THE: Too Dumb to Die: 7”EP

Jul 13, 2010

Side one: Passable bar punk’n’roll from Austin. Mid-paced. Snotty. The world was lousy with bands like this in the early and mid-’90s. Some really good—like the Monomen, Loudmouths, Motards—many forgettable. The Extravaganza are mediocre. Side two: A song called “Just another Fag.” If that’s the level this band’s on, and that’s the audience they’re hoping to attract, fine. It’s a free country and I’m not a cop. If it’s a poke at PC people in the “spirit” of GG Allin or the Mentors, you gotta keep your message consistent by cranking all the songs in that direction and leave out the emo-ish lyrics (“I ain’t got the words for what I want to say to you”) that GG or El Duce would justifiably head butt you bloody for singing… and then fling poop at you or launch into a song about raping your girlfriend. Meh at best.

 –todd (Mortville)