EXTERNAL MENACE: Coalition Blues: LP

Scotland’s External Menace were an almost perfect distillation of the best of the whole UK82 head trip—they don’t go for the full-on thrash-o-rama of, say, the Exploited or Disorder, but the same fury that charged those bands is very much in evidence behind most of their repertoire here, as are bits that recall the Partisans, Abrasive Wheels, One Way System, and others. Not that they sound wholly derivative, ‘cause they handily eked their own niche within that well-worn terra, as evidenced on this collection of assorted singles and comp tracks. They swing for the fences throughout, seemingly hell bent that every track that bore their name would be an anthem, and they largely succeed, so much so that one can’t help but wonder why they ain’t on the backs of more jackets. Nice addition to the collection any punk aficionado who manages to pick up one of the five hundred copies floating around. Also includes a bonus 7” with four tracks.

 –jimmy (Loud Punk)