EXPLOSIVOS, LOS: Self-titled: CD

Nov 24, 2009

Punk fuggin’ rawk! This rowdy bunch from Mexico City crank out high energy, ‘60s-style punk. The kind you hear on the Back from the Grave comps, the kind Thee Headcoats play, and many bands in the ‘90s were grasping at. Los Explosivos keep the energy extremely high from beginning to end. Makes me think their live shows must be wall to wall chaos. Here are fifteen tracks of one cranker after another. I’m not kidding. There’s not one slow song on here. It’s just bam! bam! bam!, one after the other. First couple listens, I was a little lukewarm about them. Then I realized the volume was way too low for me to get the full experience. So I cranked the stereo and, lo and behold, Los Explosivos exploded (natch, natch!) out of the speakers and I “got it.” I hear there’s a follow up LP planned for later this year.

 –M.Avrg (Get Hip, gethip.com)