EXPLOITED, THE: Punk’s Not Dead/Onstage, Troops of Tomorrow/Apocalypse Tour 1981: 2 x CD, 2 x CD

Jul 03, 2009

These perennial punk releases get yet another reissuing, this time in two-CD sets. I’m figuring there are few reading this not well acquainted with this long-standing buncha Scottish punkers, but just in case, spread on these two releases are their first two LPs plus assorted singles cuts, and two early live albums. The music remains as angry and fresh as when it was first unleashed, and it’s clear how and why so many of the current crop of parrot punks have drawn influence from them. While it’s been some time since I’ve found much of anything by Wattie and crew interesting or particularly pointed, this stuff still sounds plenty mean and gets the blood boiling in all the right ways.

 –jimmy (http://www.cherryred.co.uk/)