EXPLOITED, THE: Horror Epics: CD

Nov 08, 2006

Oh, to be getting so old. The reissues keep coming out of the woodwork. My crusty friend Jim, who used to sing for the band Blown to Bits, loved this band. When he lived with me and my brother back in the mid-‘80s, all he would play was the Exploited, UK Subs, or Chaos UK. In retaliation I would play Fuzzbox, Strawberry Switchblade, or Madonna all the time. Fuzzbox on a hangover can be quite annoying. I never did buy this record since Jim owned it and played it all too often. I believe it was released domestically on the metal label Combat. I thought I had no recollection of what this record sounded like. That was wrong. It was ingrained in the back of my brain. As soon as the opening chords of the title track came out of the speakers, I remembered every note of this experimental, tribal number. As songs played, I remembered words and phrases of the songs throughout. I’m appreciative that this came my way. It brings back memories of time long past that will always be cherished. This is also a reminder that the Exploited put out good records in the past, compared to their latest output titled Fuck the System. That was a joke.

 –don (S.O.S.)

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