EXPLOITED, THE: Fuck the System: CD

Oct 16, 2008

If you are an Exploited fan and you go out and buy this, don’t look at the lyrics. It might bum you out. Otherwise, if you can get past the bad lyrics this is a good release. I, for one, usually pay more attention to the music before I even look at the lyrics. But when I picked this up, Jimmy Alvarado was at Razorcake HQ and he fucked it up for me. He told me to look at the lyric sheet. My mouth dropped. I was now tainted and biased to what was going to come out of my speakers once I get this disc home. I did have another view from a long time fan and he had mentioned something about the lyrics being stupid but the music was good. So let’s see which side of the fence I was going to go to. I didn’t go anywhere on the fence. I’m stuck on top. The lyrics are stupid and the music is good. One thing I do have to say is they seem to be leaning more in the Discharge camp than their own. The lyrics are structured the same, in a sense. They’re simple and to the point, even though the point is pretty blunt and not too thought provoking. For longtime fans who have stayed for the long haul, they will enjoy this. If you are new to punk and want to check out this band, I would steer you to the Punk’s Not Dead LP instead.

 –don (Spitfire)

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