EXPLOITED: Horror Epics: LP

Apr 29, 2016

When I was a nipper in the mid-’80s, the Exploited were seen as being clownish. I was too late for the first wave of ‘81/’82 punk and by the mid-’80s I was busy being surly with Crass, Conflict, and U.K. Hardcore. The Exploited were giant mohicans and bondage trousers, spitting and fighting, playing dumb songs about chaos and hating everyone. When I actually listened to them, I realized they fucking rip. From then on, I’m more inclined to throw on the Exploited than Crass. True story. This LP was their fourth and the last one of any relevance before they went metal and Wattie braided his mohawk. While this LP is nowhere near the genius of Punks Not Dead or Troops of Tomorrow, it is still a great listen, from the tribal drums of the first song to one of my personal faves—”Maggie” with the unforgettable, “Maggie… Maggie you cunt” chorus. Every punk should own at least one Exploited record (or many, like me). Get the other three first, but pick this one up too if you think you’re punk enough. 

 –Tim Brooks (PHR)