EXPLOITED: Fuck the System: CD

Oct 16, 2008

This is pretty solid musically, with the mid-tempo hardcore beats and crunching guitars you’ve some to expect from the Exploited. Lyrically, though, we’re talking about a completely different ball of wax. Granted, The words that have accompanied the average Exploited song haven’t exactly been poetry or anything, and it seems that they’ve only worsened with age. Wattie’s voice is in fine form here, but he’s wasted his talent on mediocre, hackneyed lyrics instead of tackling specific issues and taking to task the monoliths of the system he professes to despise. Sorry, but repeating “You’re a fucking bastard” some thirty-odd times and tossing in the occasional “and a shit cunt too” does not a song make, and naming your songs after other, better known tunes (“Holiday in the Sun,” “Noize Annoys”) doesn’t make ‘em good. Ultimately, you’re left wondering, to quote one of the songs here, “What’s the fucking point?” Maybe he should refrain from hanging out with them poseurs in Total Chaos, ‘cause that band’s eagerness to peddle crap music is apparently rubbing off.

 –jimmy (Spitfire)

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