Jul 23, 2007

This is a posthumous odds and sods collection from Portland’s Exploding Hearts, which contains demos, unreleased songs, some singles, and alternate mixes of songs from Guitar Romantic. This assorted jumble makes for a surprisingly cohesive album. Basically, this is power pop of the highest order that conjures up the New York Dolls, The Pointed Sticks, and The Buzzcocks. Some of these songs like “I’m a Pretender” and “Throwaway Style” tap into some kind of universal melodiousness that just makes the songs seem like they should have always existed in the power pop canon, and initially had me thinking that the songs had to be T. Rex songs I’ve never heard. The slower version of “Teenage Kicks” on here is the best class of ‘77 anthem that’sactually from the 21st Century. There’s nary a foul turn to be found on this album, only sugary treats that hit with the spiky-sweet punch of Pop Rocks and soda.

 –Adrian (Dirtnap)