Jan 23, 2008

Hopefully I’m not being presumptuous, but since you’re reading Razorcake I’m assuming you know something about the Exploding Hearts tragedy (if not, check their website, www.explodinghearts.com, which is an informative tribute). Anyway, Shattered is an odds and sods collection of singles and alternate takes and mixes from Guitar Romantic. I’m typically weary of these collections (stuff left in the vaults is usually there for a reason), but the Hearts were one of those bands whose outtakes were better than most groups’ best tracks—a short-lived band whose limited output calls for a release of just about everything recorded—a lineage that includes the Young Marble Giants, LiLiput, etc. For rabid Exploding Hearts fans—a group that grows daily—this is a must. For those benighted to the Hearts and their ‘78 Mick Jones “Gates of the West” sound, start with Guitar Romantic then venture here. On a personal note, I’m glad to see that Dirtnap is releasing this record. Dirtnap, like In The Red, is a label whose existence is vital to up-and-coming bands—groups like the Exploding Hearts found a safe haven with Dirtnap’s broadminded, eclectic palette.

 –ryan (Dirtnap)

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