EXPLODING BUFFALO Vol. 1, Issue IV: 4 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 39 pgs

I thoroughly enjoyed the previous “Drugs” themed issue and was looking forward to “Alienation.” Perhaps since alienation’s such an existential topic that the cracks really show, but the writing in this issue is, overall, much more uneven and forced. I did, however, enjoy Vladimir Santos’s “Alienation of the Mind,” an illustrated exploration on the role of American-based inhumane torture shattering a man’s humanity. But stuff like the narrator in Jonathan T Sheppard’s short story who opines “I bet her pussy still smells so sweet” and “He’s probably an in-the-closet faggot,” when learning his ex-girlfriend is dating a fashion designer who cooks, made me question who’s ultimately alienating who in this collaborative zine.