EXPLODING BUFFALO Vol. 1, Issue 3: 5 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 37 pgs.

May 08, 2013

A young zine out of L.A., and the theme of this issue is drugs.Thankfully, it’s not just “Drugs! Yay!” but a bit more nuanced, like, “Drugs! Yay! No! Okay, I don’t want to be an addict.” The content is a little bit all over the place—drug crime fiction, comics, rhyming pot poetry—but it’s youthful enthusiasm instead of pretentious artshit d-bagging. Two parts stuck with me: short Q and A interviews with addicts and drug pushers, and a piece by Nicole Macias about dropping acid. It’s difficult to be honest and descriptive when zonked. It’s not always a good time, even with recreationals. She nails her description with clarity and self-effacement. The printing and layout are way above average for zine beginners. I definitely look forward to reading future Exploding Buffalos. Zines, please put some sort of postal address. That’s how we trade. –Todd Taylor (explodingbuffalo.com)