EXPLODING BUFFALO: THE RELIGION ISSUE: Free, 8 ½” x 11”, copied, 66 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

For the whopping price tag of free, Exploding Buffalo provides tons of varied content—poetry, articles, illustrations, photography, short fiction, a one-act play—from several contributors. The issue explores differing viewpoints about the nature and purpose of religion. First off, the layouts are clean, but a tad sanitary. I prefer a balance between computer processing and cut-and-paste layouts. Because of the computer layouts, there’s a lot of white space, but given the impressive sixty-six pages, my grievance is a moot point. Ultimately, the wide swath of material, which I imagine required some serious people wrangling, compensates for any shortcomings. Some memorable portions are Patty Delgado’s article answering the question “What is religion?” and a macabre short story about a man assembling a Frankenstein monster as a vessel for the second coming of Jesus. Given what I’ve recently read about the International House of Prayers (or IHOP) in regards to the followers believing that they’re prayer warriors for Christ, the idea of a Frankenchrist isn’t so farfetched. (Note: Frankenchrist is my favorite Dead Kennedys’ album.) Overall an interesting zine with a lot to sift through. Fun Fact: The name Dr. Acula, which is used in the closing play, was the pen name of Forrest J Ackerman, editor and head writer of Famous Monsters of Filmland. –Sean Arenas (explodingbuffalo.com, [email protected])