EXPLODERS, THE: What's What and Who's Who: 7" EP

May 14, 2001

Apparently, Larry May of The Candy Snatchers has opened a school or released the patent to his "How To Scream Like Punk Rock Opera." And if you think I speak ill of such things, you're mistaken. The band follows suit - solid snap, crunch, and twists to straight forward, guitar-driven rock'n'roll. What keeps it from being a clone are the hints of psych, pockets of nerve, and the fact that it's easier and more fun to understand than basic math. In my humble opinion, Crime sucked, but The Exploders' cover of "Rockabilly Drugstore" gave it a nice shank in the balls and made it real, real listenable. The Exploders also follow a good rule of thumb: if your cover has a cartoon of a pretty lady with lightning bolts over her boobs, chances are that more people will buy your record. Good listen.

 –todd (Teenage USA, PO Box 91, 689 Queen St. W., Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1X6, Canada; teenageusarecordings.com)