EXPIRED LOGIC: Self-titled: 7”

With help of a theremin, the first track catapults into a sci-fi anthem dedicated to the Japanese monster Mothra. Though the only lyrics for this song are, “The wrath of Mothra” and “Hey!,” Expired Logic create a psychological terror in audio form. Drums are constantly building, the guitar has a sound of impending doom, and the theremin adds a spookiness to which words are unnecessary. Sadly, the remaining three tracks are sans theremin but still retain a high level of intensity. I was really getting in to the pew! pew! and eerie wobbling noises. “Spun” is an emotional recount of losing a friend / lover to heroin, while “Rotting Inside” covers suspicion and distrust of the system with a special focus on GMOs. Sonically, they’re daunting with a huge emphasis on the rhythm section and sharp guitar melodies. Their vocalist / theremin player is a seasoned vet when it comes to gruff, hardcore stylings and every word comes out clear. They’re tight, loud and fierce. Completely worth checking out. 

 –Kayla Greet (Self-released)