Mar 18, 2015

Lo-fi garage punk that starts off sounding like a raucous rock’n’roll band played through an A Frames/S.S. Records filter, but by the end of the record sounds completely different. The song “Belgian States of Frustration” sounds like a lost B-side from the latest Spray Paint LP—angular and disjointed. Other more straightforward parts of this record are fucked-up, bluesy garage punk in an Oblivians kind of way. There’s a complete curveball thrown in every once in a while—the song “She Could Be My Daughter” sounds like an old traditional drinking song—while “Belgians Don’t Cry” comes off sounding like an European electro-punk dance track. Overall, it is really good stuff. When they stick to the trashy rock’n’roll, I’m convinced that this is the best record I’ve heard in months. 

 –Mark Twistworthy (Jaune Orange, jauneorange.be)

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