Jun 14, 2014

Exit Hippies crank out some heavy, low-end, sludgy noise that is all over the map. One second the music is plodding and distorted with sounds blistering in the din. Then, suddenly, it’s bubbly and skronked-out electronics spluttering and splattering against the wall. The bass has a great dirty and gritty sound. I mean really filthy sounding, as though thick clouds of dust are coming out of the speaker cabinet. “Slam” is pretty cool, opening with air raid sirens, then the buzzing distortion of instruments comes in with honking sounds and washes of white noise. At times, the noise for the sake of filling space gets tedious. When everything is focused is when they are most effective. Fun for a couple or four spins. Lotus Fucker, on the other side, expand on what they built from their Forever My Fighting SpiritLP. They continue to push at the boundaries of the noisecore thing, which helps place them way ahead of most bands taking a stab at this style currently. Although, I will say these songs didn’t knock me over the way their aforementioned LP did. At points, the songs start to bleed and melt together forming one big white noise mess. Some may think that is good, but I think Lotus Fucker are capable of doing better. 

 –M.Avrg (SPHC)

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