I’m honestly baffled why this did not officially come out in 1982, when it was recorded. This is fuggin’ awesome hardcore from San Jose. If you like bands like Social Unrest, Sick Pleasure, and Code Of Honor, then you must pick this up. Hell, if you like Fallout Boy I strongly suggest you pick this up so you can hear what good music is. Executioner had the classic hardcore sound wired. The songs are a mix of mid to fast tempos, with a great guitar sound that is distorted but not overdone, with a bass that has a lurking and crawling sound. The vocals are delivered through gritted teeth, and everything comes across loud and clear. “Riding in the Flatlands” is a great song that moves at a mid tempo, telling the tale of life after the bomb drops. The perfect song for driving through the streets late at night. The whole record is perfect, actually. One of those records I can put on in twenty years and get the same rush like I did the first time I listened to it.

 –M.Avrg (Patac, patacrecords.com)