Executioner was a San Jose hardcore band active in the 1980s. Although comparatively short-lived in comparison to, say, MDC, they nonetheless were quite prolific, managing to release an EP and some comp tracks, as well the stuff under review here. Compiled here is their recordings from 1982-’83, which is some twenty-nine songs from different recording sessions, live sets, comp recording sessions, and the like. The sound is true to its time and place—mostly atonal thrash with brief metal flourishes (which portend what they would end up sounding like just two or three years later) and the odd slower tune. The recordings are, for the most part, clean to studio quality, and the band had a rock-solid sound all their own. Punk completists will drool all over this, but the average punter will also find much to love here. For those wanting a more comprehensive overview of the band’s history, it comes snazzily packaged seven-inch style with a poster with pics and tons of reading material to get you up to speed.

 –jimmy (patacrecords.com)