Jan 29, 2009

This was originally released in 1998 on Esperanza Records on CD. Now a vinyl copy is available. Execradores' home base is Sao Paulo, Brazil and they are a self-proclaimed anarcho punk band. Sin Dios share in the same beliefs and call their home base Spain. I couldn’t tell you exactly what the beliefs of both bands are because this came with no lyric sheet. The song titles, for the most part, are in Portuguese and I’m pretty damn sure that the lyrics are definitely Portuguese for the Execradores songs and Spanish for the Sin Dios songs. What I can describe for you luscious readers of my writing is the music. Execradores play straight forward fast punk that is short and sweet. No extra baggage to keep you from losing interest here. They bash into your forehead seventeen songs of what injustices they see. Sin Dios provide ten songs in the same vein; a little more melodic at times but every bit as powerful. One good thing is when you don’t understand the language, you can focus more on the energy of the music and the rage is felt equivocally.

 –don (Sin Fronteras)

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