Mar 03, 2011

There’s a reason why these guys are held in such high regard in the realm of grindcore. They’re definitely the best grind band to come out of Los Angeles. This album was originally a CD-only release that came out around 1996, and it holds up well today. In fact, it doesn’t sound dated at all. If anything, it makes most other grind bands out there at the moment sound amateurish. The songs are in the fast range, but they throw in time changes to break up the onslaught and to keep everything from turning into one long blur. The opener, “Self Destruct,” is mid tempo with a dark and doomish tone that illustrates the sonic power these guys had. “A Technicality,” which closes the record, has a mainly mid-tempo pace where the guitars sound sinister and dark. The drums are more out front and there are some breaks here and there where they put in some rolls that effectively give everything more of a punch. In between these songs they let loose one rager after another. The songs are blazing with abrasive guitars and even more abrasive vocals that are like 80 grit sandpaper in your ears. It’s all backed up with drums that sound like they’re fed through a wood chipper and an ominous low end. Heavy and fast as hell, all in one. Not an easy feat by any stretch. Nice packaging with this as well—foldout poster, and a printed inner sleeve. Will there be a reissue of Expression of Hate?

 –M.Avrg (Insane Society)