EXCESSIVES, THE: Self-titled: CD

Jul 26, 2009

Any band that photoshops a ‘hawk and a guitar case onto the original picture from the marquee poster of The Exorcist is definitely going to get pulled outta the review pile for Dale to check out. That CD cover fucking rocks and I’m hoping there’s a shirt available of it. The Excessives’ full length here is chock full o’ skanking surprises like “Knife Fight on the Beach," “Shitheal," “Side Track” (which sounds a lot like Dee Dee Ramone’s song, “I’m Zonked Los Hombres”), and a rollicking version of The Simpletones “I Like Drugs." It’s eerily ironic that they chose to cover an old Simpletones tune, ‘cause the first band that the Excessives reminded me of was So. Cal’s own Riotgun, and believe it or not, ex-Simpletone Danny Ruiz has been playing bass for Larry Hernandez’s almighty Riotgun for some time now. Small fucking world. Street punk fans might take a shine to this – chunk riff heavy but not being stingy with the up-tempo jams, either. Would like to see this outfit live. Besides a hot-diggity-fucking-dawg of a CD, it’s also enhanced as well – you get three videos to check out on your computer, which are rather cool because they’re of The Excessives whirling it up at gigs, all with plenty of crowd interaction to boot. I love it when bands include this stuff on their discs. Now all I ask of you guys is to write a song entitled, “Pazuzu," and you’ve got a fan for the existence of your band.

 –dale (Longshot; www.longshotmusic.com)

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