EX MODELS: Other Mathematics: CD

Sep 18, 2009

A while back I got the "Demonstration" CD EP from these guys. I figured that, judging by the mannequin on the cover, I was gonna be underwhelmed by some lame, poppy techno crap "played" by guys who wore a lot of black nail polish, similarly hued dresses, and had a passing interest in Aleister Crowley. What I got was eight or nine minutes of some of the best art damaged punk I'd heard in years, shit that skirted a fine line between early Devo, New York's "No Wave" scene and a Scratch Acid, fueled with enough aggression and brevity of song length to satisfy any Circle Jerks fan. This disc contains most, if not all, of the songs from that EP plus a bunch more in the same vein, resulting in 24 minutes of hellacious auditory bliss. It's rare that I get truly excited about a disc anymore and this piece of processed plastic is more than deserving. Highly, highly recommended.

 –jimmy (Ace Fu)