EX-GIRL: Endangered Species: CD

Feb 21, 2008

If you were ever looking for a reason to avoid a threesome of hot Asian chicks with funky colored hair and matching silvery outfits (apart from reasons of maintaining your own health and well-being, that is), this oughtta ‘bout do it. I mean, the CD cover and i have a hot date tonight, but the disc within somehow manages to crystallize and display the most opprobrious elements of Rush, Queen, Zappa, the Boredoms, the Flying Lizards, and maybe even Klaus Fucking Nomi, god forbid. I should begin to wonder if these ladies are perhaps being held against their will? BEST SONG: I think it would be the one that goes “KS coming down to earth with flash, shooting green and silver beams of gastric medicine at us.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Letter From Mr. Triscuits” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: 1) Hoppy Kamiyama makes a guest appearance on “Digital President,” “Ass Hole Box,” “Slide Geisha,” “Scum Tape-from the Garbage,” “Okama Belcanto,” and “Gram Pot”; 2) Were the guitarist “Zorek” and i to marry, her name would be “Zorek Rozek.” Presumably we would have sons named “Ozker” and “Kerzo.”

 –norb (Alternative Tentacles)