EX-CULT: Self-titled: LP

Used to be known as Sex Cult. I guess they’ve been deprogrammed. Despite the name change, they’re pretty much the same band. Though comparing this to their Errand Boy EP, this recording is a little more clean and less sharp and dirty. However, the “off” and sinister tone that permeates their music is fully intact. There’s something about the vocal delivery that’s confrontational without relying on screaming and shouting or spitting words out. It’s more in their direct “matter of fact” way, and how words are allowed to have space for more effect. It’s a mix of Frank Discussion, Claude Bessy, and Mike Lohrman. The female backup vocals that come in on “She’s on Film” sound a little like a flash that’s reboosting. What I really like about this record is how the music is driving and forceful, yet there’s a strong tunefulness to everything. “Better Living through Chemistry” is mainly mid tempo and the most tuneful of all. For the most part, they tend to keep the energy high. They do lose a little steam on the ender “Future Victims.” But on the whole, this is a pretty good record. A good late night listening type of record.

 –M.Avrg (Goner, goner-records.com)