EX-CULT: Self-titled: LP

Jul 24, 2013

Hot new Goner Records band! Not wholly garage or punk, with driving rhythm and touches of discordance in the guitars. A Ty Segall production, but it doesn’t necessarily have what I identify as the “sound” of a Ty Segall production (see the following bands: any Ty Segall project; Heavy Cream. I’ve been saying it for a while, dude needs to make and patent a “Ty Segall Pedal.” A little birdie tells me that a New York music shop did just that!) Ex-Cult is an intense live band, and this record has an anxious, intense feel but the mix seems a little murky. I’d like to hear some more low end (this recording is less tinny than their debut Goner 7” but I think I could actually hear the bass more on that record) as I feel it would give the record some more oomph.

 –Sal Lucci (Goner)