EX-CULT: Mr. Fantasy: 7”

Nov 13, 2013

Ex-Cult is Goner Records’ current hot band. I don’t know how to describe the themes of their songs—haunted, obsessive, paranoid? Let’s go with all three. I still don’t know how to genre type them or even what to call them. Post-punk? But if I don’t like post-punk, how can I like Ex-Cult? I’ve seen Ex-Cult twice, a year apart. Regular touring has made them much tighter, more propulsive, and wilder on stage. I think that is how Ex-Cult wants to be, but I’m having some trouble getting that feeling just from listening to their records. The mix on this 7” seems a little less muddy than last year’s full length. It seems like the singer’s voice has deepened a bit too. A little more low-end punch might be all they need. Goner is a good home for these Memphis cats, but I can totally see Total Punk putting out a future 7”.

 –Sal Lucci (Goner)