EX-CULT: Midnight Passenger: LP

Ex-Cult (formerly Sex Cult) has fulfilled all of their prerequisites and is prepared to graduate from Post-Punk 1A and move on to higher learning. Everything is here: overt Wire worship, staccato monotone vocals, droning beats, and reverb-sodden guitar licks. Neither tight enough to be totally throwback or original enough to be completely captivating, Ex-Cult, at this stage, is unable to get past the formulas and find a distinct sound. Each song bleeds into the next as the guitars reveal all of their tricks right out of the gate. By the time the B-side spins to a close, the anger is extinguished, giving way to tedium. It’s as if they’re constantly looking over their shoulders at their vinyl collection. The LP’s greatest impact is the surreal collage cover. 

 –Sean Arenas (Goner)