EX-CRAW: Extant/Extinct: CD

Sep 18, 2015

Okay guys, it’s time for a band meeting. You’re clearly not on the same page. Judging by your lyrics, you’re a crust band (“War, famine, a final solution!”). But then, when you’re in the midst of some epic crustitude, in drops a guitar solo straight out of a ‘90s Epitaph record. Then you get all thrashy and spazzy. I mean, is that thrash or is that some grindcore noise thing at the end of “No Asylum?” “Servants” is a total mosh party. Are you a mosh party band? Can you just decide what you want to be, so I can classify you and file your CD away instead of listening to it repeatedly trying to figure it out and understand why it works so well? 

 –mp (Cubo De Sangre)