When I pulled this record out of my review stack, Iron Chic was the first thing I thought of, and with good reason. The album art was done by Jason Lubrano, vocalist of Iron Chic, and harkens back to the style of The Constant One. Cover art and pop punk are where the similarities between the two end, though. The Ex-Boyfriends are a hodge-podge mix of many different pop punk elements and the songs on this release all have their own character. There’s Screeching Weasel- style guitar solos, MXPX-style vocals, snare-heavy punk drums, and a gritty bass. Songs are not surprisingly about girls and relationships and drinking. Like if Dillinger Four started out on Tooth And Nail, without the churchy stuff. Or if NOFX tried to be on Mutant Pop Records. It’s got a lot of cool elements from some of the best bands in the pop punk genre, which, for most of the record works pretty well. There are a couple tracks I don’t enjoy, like “The Store,” which has some distracting keyboard parts and tends to drag on. But the very next song, “Are There Any Punks Out There,” is awesome. High tempo drums rush though melodic vocals; backed by all-out shouts and quick-fire, rumbly bass lines. I think this is pretty all right. Don’t know if this is the kind of record I’d buy for myself, but I think it’d make a great gift. Ex-Boyfriends, as much as they suck (like, the guys you used to date, not this band) are worth checking out. 

 –Kayla Greet (Rad Girlfriend, radgirlfriendrecords.com)