EVIL EYE, THE / LAST CHUCKS, THE: Conjoined: Split 7”

This is the happiest record I’ve heard in a while. Like conjoined twins conceived in the ‘90s, this combo platter serves up cheerful power pop like no other. Out of Norway sporting members of Turbonegro, The Evil Eye, ratchets up the ebullient factor with two’90s-inspired tracks skating audibly between Third Eye Blind and Green Day. You can hear them smiling through the record. On the flip side, The Last Chucks, with members of The Queers, flesh out their optimistic version of alt rock with a liking to the Counting Crows or The Gin Blossoms on Prozac. Leaning heavily on singing, not howling or screaming, and logical chord progression, this split puzzles me.

 –Kristen K (Diner Junkie, dinerjunkie.com)